Fruit & Veg Month 2023 Resources

Teacher’s booklet

The Teacher’s Booklet contains:

  • Organisational hints and tips (download your checklist here)
  • Whole of school activities
  • Canteen ideas
  • How to include your school families
  • A summary table of the classroom activities

Classroom activities

For the 2023 event we have developed brand new sets of classroom activities for each primary school stage (ES1 to S3). The activities meet selected outcomes from the NSW PDHPE syllabus as well as science, maths and technology outcomes.

Access the summary table of the classroom activities and peruse the lesson outlines and outcomes. Then click on the lesson name in the table to be directed to the full activity outline and worksheets for that classroom activity. You can then download your chosen activities to your computer or print them out.

Alternatively, you can access the classroom activities and the supporting documents directly via the links below:

Teacher Information Document
Example Classroom Poster completed

PowerPoint 1: What happens in your body when you eat fruit and veg?
PowerPoint 2: From farm to fork
PowerPoint 3: Experiments
PowerPoint 4: How do fruits and vegetables grow

All worksheets
All lessons
Lessons + worksheets for Early Stage 1
Lessons + worksheets for Stage 1
Lessons + worksheets for Stage 2
Lessons + worksheets for Stage 3

Lesson 1 – The science behind growing fruit & vegies

Lesson 2 – The farm to fork process

Lesson 3 – What happens in the body?

Lesson 4 – Fruit & Vegie experiments

Fruit & Veg Month student competition

Find more information, and submit your entries, on the Fruit & Veg Month student competition webpage

Deadline: 5pm, 6 October 2023

School communication resources

Family resources

Canteen resources