• Crunch&Sip in Parliament!

    Healthy  Kids had a lot fun taking Crunch&Sip to NSW Parliament. Along with the fun, we wanted to encourage the very serious message of healthy eating to children.

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    We’re now helping to guide ACT canteens as well as NSW canteens.

    If you’re from the ACT, here’s where you can find specific information just for your canteen.

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Are you and your family mindful eaters? What is mindful eating? Read on!

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Is yours a healthy school? Here’s some advice on how to create a culture of wellness at your school.

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School Canteens

Running a school canteen isn’t easy – there are a lot of different stakeholders to please and trying to suit everyone can be next to impossible. But serving healthy food in schools is essential for happy and healthy kids!

We’re here to help! We offer advice on finances, management, menu and following policies such as Fresh Tastes @ School. Browse our Canteen section. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know.  Thanks for visiting.


Warm up with warm jaffles!

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Food in schools

We know how important it is to provide children with healthy food in schools. We work with canteens across NSW and the ACT  to ensure they’re meeting policy standards, such as Fresh Tastes @ School.       READ ON!

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