School canteens

canteen_outdoorsThe school environment has a significant impact on the development of eating habits. Just about everyone can remember purchasing an ice-cream, meat pie or sausage roll back in their day as a special occasion. But these days, that special occasion has grown into multiple times a week, or for some children every day.

NSW school canteens

Public school canteens in NSW are required to meet the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy outlined by NSW Health.

Canteens are a unique food business.  Under ownership of the school, the ultimate responsibility for what is sold and how it runs lies with the Principal. Depending on the level of school community engagement, the canteen could be operated under the direct management of any of the following:

  • The Principal
  • The P&C
  • The School Council
  • Leasee (private operator)

It is the role of the chosen management body to  ensure the policies and procedures (such as the Healthy School Canteen Strategy) relevant to running the canteen are developed, implemented and reviewed. The canteen manager acts as an employee (paid or unpaid) who is managed by the management body.

Since 2010, all canteens in NSW are recognised as food businesses and must be registered with the NSW Food Authority. Food sold from public school canteens in NSW must meet the Healthy School Canteen Strategy and school communities must follow the Nutrition in Schools Policy which supports the strategy.

ACT school canteens

The ACT is implementing the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines. For information that supports ACT school canteens, click here.

SA school canteens

SA is governed by the Right Bite strategy. For more support information, click here.